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Stipa is a free, next-generation data collection application developed by the Jornada Experimental Range. Visit the Stipa website to get started using this tool.

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Data Forms for Grassland and Shrubland Ecosystems

Stipa supports a variety of inventory and monitoring methods commonly recommended for grassland and shrubland ecosystems. Click on any of the links below to download a XML document that can be imported as a form into an existing Stipa Data Collection Protocol. Multiple forms can be added to the same protocol, and forms can be modified as needed. Visit the Stipa reference pages to learn more about Stipa Data Collection Protocols and Managing Stipa Data Collection Protocols in My Workspace.

Import a Plant Species List

Many of above data forms require that users populate a plant species list before using the form. Follow the steps below to load a NRCS plant list for your state.

  1. Navigate to the My Workspace page and begin editing the desired Data Collection Protocol as described in Managing Stipa Data Collection Protocols in My Workspace.
  2. Create a new Shared List and assign it the identifier plants.
  3. Click on the overflow button (three dots) located in the upper right corner of the Categories table and select the Load State Plant List option.
  4. A dialog box will open for selecting the desired state. After choosing a state from the menu, click on the Load button. The Categories table will be populated with plant species found in the selected state, and this list will be available anywhere the plants Shared List is referenced in the Data Collection Protocol.

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