Jornada Virtual Symposium Presentations (November 12, 2020)

Below you will find links to recorded presentations and posters. The presentations represent recent Jornada research and outreach activities organized around four themes described below. They do not represent all work at the Jornada, but reflect the diversity of approaches we are taking to promote natural resources conservation and agricultural sustainability.

You will find videos of varying length and level of detail (all are on YouTube at our 2020 Jornada Symposium channel). You can choose topics and video lengths that suit you.

Climate adaptation in the Southwest

The USDA Southwest Climate Hub team prepared flash presentations (<3 minutes each) to showcase our climate adaptation projects. The Hub has three functional areas: 1) research, science synthesis, assessments, 2) tool evaluation, development and technology transfer, and 3) convening, outreach and education. These short presentations describe weather and climate challenges and adaptation solutions for agriculture, natural resources and communities in the southwestern United States.

Southwest beef supply chains - strategies for sustainability

The first three sets of presentations explore climate-related challenges and strategies for sustainability in the beef supply chains originating from the Southwestern US. The last two sets of presentations examine how the strategies may influence environmental and socioeconomic outcomes, and how the agricultural producers of today and tomorrow perceive these strategies for sustainability.

Climate context
Ranching strategies
Feedlot finishing strategies
Sustainability outcomes of the strategies
Feedback from students and producers

Ecosystem dynamics and management

The first set of presentations provide examples of how long-term and large-scale data resources are being used to understand ecosystem change on the Jornada Experimental Range. One presentation also describes how Jornada data are now managed and can be accessed by the public. The second set of presentations illustrate recent strategies for coupling monitoring data to models and Ecological Site Descriptions to inform management decisions in rangelands across the western U.S.

Ecosystem dynamics
Management approaches and tools

Big data science and tools

Presentations describe a wide range of tools and research approaches that capitalize on “big data” (large datasets often housed in multiple, linked databases) and other technologies, such as web and mobile applications, to provide new insights about agricultural and ecological phenomena and provide spatially precise information to farmers and land managers.

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