Sander Denham

Jornada People

Postdoctoral Ecologist, USDA-ARS



  • 2023 - Ph.D. Environmental Science, Indiana University-Bloomington, IN
  • 2015 - M.Sc. Forest Ecology & Management, North Carolina State University, NC & University of Helsinki, Finland
  • 2008 - B.Sc. Geography & Planning, Appalachian State University, NC

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Previous Publications

  1. Denham, S.O., Barnes, M.L., Chang, Q., Wood, J.D., Oishi, A.C., Stoy, P.C., Chen, J., and Novick, K.A. 2023. The rate of canopy development modulates the link between the timing of spring leaf emergence and summer soil moisture dynamics. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, p.e2022JG007217.
  2. Chang, Q., Ficklin, D.L., Jiao, W., Denham, S.O., Wood, J.D., Brunsell, N.A., Matamala, R., Cook, D.R., Wang, L., and Novick, K.A. 2022. Earlier Ecological Drought Detection by Involving the Interaction of Phenology and Eco-Physiological Function. Earth’s Future. 11(3).
  3. Novick, K., Jo, I., D'Orangeville, L., Benson, M., Au, T.F., Barnes, M., Denham, S., Fei, S., Heilman, K., Hwang, T. and Keyser, T., 2022. The Drought Response of Eastern US Oaks in the Context of Their Declining Abundance. BioScience.
  4. Benson, M.C., Miniat, C.F., Oishi, A.C., Denham, S.O., Domec, J.C., Johnson, D.M., Missik, J.E., Phillips, R.P., Wood, J.D. and Novick, K.A., 2022. The xylem of anisohydric Quercus alba L. is more vulnerable to embolism than isohydric codominants. Plant, cell & environment, 45(2), pp.329-346.
  5. Denham, S.O., Oishi, A.C., Miniat, C.F., Wood, J.D., Yi, K., Benson, M.C. and Novick, K.A., 2021. Eastern US deciduous tree species respond dissimilarly to declining soil moisture but similarly to rising evaporative demand. Tree Physiology, 41(6), pp.944-959.
  6. Oishi, A.C., Denham, S.O., Brantley, S.T., Novick, K.A., Bolstad, P.V. and Miniat, C.F., 2020. Quantifying the effects of stand age on components of forest evapotranspiration. Acta Horticulturae, 1300, pp.89-96.
  7. Denham, S.O., Coyle, D.R., Oishi, A.C., Bullock, B.P., Heliövaara, K., and Novick, K.A. 2019. Tree resin flow dynamics during an experimentally induced attack by Ips avulsus, I. calligraphus, and I. grandicollis. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 49(1), 53-63.