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Dataset consists of horizontal dust flux at multiple heights from BSNE dust collectors located in treatment plots (different percent vegetation removed) and adjacent downwind effect plots. Year 2008 was an annual collection. Collection in subsequent years occurred before and after the wind season. The experiment was designed to test the effects of increasing wind erosion on soil and vegetation properties at the Jornada.  In order to increase wind erosion rates, vegetation was removed to increase bare surface area and stimulate erosion (the less vegetation present the greater the wind erosion).  The basic experimental design includes three treatment blocks.  Each block has four treatment plots with different level of vegetation removed (25-100%) and a control treatment.  Treatment plots are 25x50m with 25m buffers between.  The vegetation removal includes grasses and small shrubs (like XASA and ZIGR), but not mesquite or yucca or any of the larger shrubs).  Also, adjacent downwind plots are included in the design.  These plots are strictly for monitoring of soil and vegetation properties, so no maintenance is required on these areas.

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