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This completed dataset, collected in 2001, contains soil particle size analysis (PSA) and sand fractionation data from soil cores collected at 116 quadrat locations that are part of the Jornada Experimental Range's long-term Permanent Quadrats study. The goal of this effort was to help characterize plant-scale factors related to vegetation dynamics observed in the Permanent Quadrats. At each quadrat location, 4 cores were collected at 2 depths (0-5cm and 5-20cm) and assessed for percent sand, silt and clay. The sand fraction, if large enough, was then separated into 5 sand size classes (53-106 micrometers, 106-250 micrometers, 250-500 micrometers, 500-1000 micrometers, 1000-2000 micrometers) to measure the percent fraction of each.

Composition of Sand Fraction at 116 Permanent Quadrats:

Soil Particle Size Analysis at 116 Permanent Quadrats:

Soil PSA

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Soil PSA and Fractionation data

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