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This dataset quantities dissolved nutrients in water surface runoff from natural rainfall events at experimental hydrology plots on the New Mexico State University Ranch and USDA Jornada Experimental Range. Chemical analyses include F, Cl, NO3, SO4 by ion chromatography, NH4 by autoanalyzer, Ca, Mg, Na, K by atomic absorption spectrophotometry, and total N and P by auto- analyzer.  Nutrient losses from shrubland plots were greater than from grassland plots. The greater nutrient losses in shrublands were due to higher runoff, rather than higher nutrient concentrations in runoff. This study is complete. Refer to:

Schlesinger, W. H., T. J. Ward, and J. Anderson. 2000. Nutrient losses in runoff from grassland and shrubland habitats in southern New Mexico II: Field plots. Biogeochemistry 49: 69-86.

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