microbiotic crusts


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A creosotebush shrub study site and a black grama grassland study site have been established at each of the Sevilleta, Jornada and Mapimi research locations. Each study site is 1 km by 0.5 km in area. Three replicate experimental blocks of plots are randomly located at each study site to measure vegetation responses to the exclusion of small mammals, including rodents and lagomorphs. This dataset is for the Jornada Experimental Range, which also contains a cattle exclosure.  A grid of 36 sampling points are positioned at 5.8-meter intervals on a systematically located 6 by 6 point grid within each plot. A permanent one-meter by one-meter vegetation measurement quadrat is located at each of the 36 points. The percent of a quad covered in cryptograms was estimated by determining the percent of each 10 cm square within a quad containing cryptogams (See methods for a detailed explanation). Cryptogams include lichens, algae, and moss. This study is complete.

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