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A 4" diameter cylindric graduated rain gage (11" x 0.01" capacity) is mounted on a 4x4 inch diameter redwood post or on a wooden exclosure post next to gate at or near the 15 LTER-II NPP sites. Collection is made monthly on the day that monthly soil water content measurements are made to correlate precipitation input with belowground water content. Data is collected primarily from graduated rain gauges. However, when missing data would result otherwise, amounts from the closest rain gauge are used in order to maintain as complete a data set as possible for that site. The rain gauge used is identified with each rainfall record. Other types that may be used are the Standard Can Gauge (DSRG or dipstick rain gauge), Belfort Weigh Bucket Rain Gauge (WBRG), and Qualimetrics Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (TBRG).

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