UAS for Remote Sensing - Image Orthorectification

Challenges associated with orthorectification of this type of imagery include the relatively small image footprints, considerable image distortion due to the use of a low-cost digital camera, difficulty in locating ground control points and in automatic tie point generation, and relatively large errors in exterior orientation parameters (X, Y, Z, roll, pitch, heading). We have developed a semi-automated orthorectification approach suitable for handling large numbers of individual small-footprint UAS imagery without the need for manual tie points and ground control points. Mosaics created with this process have a positional accuracy of approximately 1-2m for mosaics consisting of 100-300 images. To date, we have acquired over 30,000 UAS images, which have been processed into 100 image mosaics. 


338 image mosaic, JER



Image mosaic over JER headquarters



257 image mosaic over Ace Tank, JER



Mosaic of Yarbrough dam


Three image mosaics acquired in southwestern Idaho   Multispectral image mosaic, Ace Tank