UAS for Remote Sensing - Unmanned Aircraft & Sensors

We operate two MLB BAT 3 unmanned aircraft. The BAT system consists of a fully autonomous GPS-guided UAS with a 6-ft wingspan, a catapult launcher, ground station with mission planning and flight software, and telemetry system. The BAT is launched off a catapult and is capable of manual or autonomous landing. Click here for videos of launch and landing.

One of the BATs is configured for true color image acquisition, the other acquires multispectral and true color imagery simultaneously. Sensors include a color video camera with optical zoom capability in-flight and live video downlink to the ground station, a Canon SD 900 10-megapixel digital camera, and, for multispectral image acquisition, a Tetracam MCA multispectral camera. The multispectral camera acquires imagery in 6 narrow bands sensitive from the blue to near infrared range.

True color image acquisition
Multispectral + true color image acquisition