Jornada Grasshopper and Vegetation Study

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Jornada LTER-I


<p>Desert grasshopper assemblages from sites in the Chihuahuan desert were assessed for guilds on the basis of substrate or microhabitat use and morphological characteristics of component species. These study area had 9 separate sites on the east bajada of the Dona Ana Mts. The sites were arranged in 3 X 3 configurations across a bajada so that the bajada represented an environmental gradient with varying soil and vegeation characteristics from top to bottom. Three plots were situated on the bajada parallel to and 200 m south of the LTER transect. Two additional sets of three plots were located 5 km and 10 km south of the LTER transect. Each plot is composed of two 50 m belt transects, each divided into ten 5 m2 quadrats. Grasshoppers were visually sampled in each quadrat/plot, once in May, July and September, in 1983, 1984 and 1985. Each individual grasshopper, its age, sex and substrate it was observed on, are recorded.</p>

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David Lightfoot

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