Arthropod Species Composition from LVAR Creosotebush Study

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Jornada LTER-I


<p>*We conducted a field study to test the hypothesis that creosotebush (Larrea tridentata) shrubs growing in naturally nutrient-rich sites had better quality foliage and supported greater populations of foliage arthropods than shrubs growing in nutrient-poor sites. This is data for foliage arthropods sampled from LVAR creosotebush shrubs. Sampling was done in April of 1985 and 1986. Shrubs were sampled from 5 separate sites designated A-E. 10 shrubs of 3 different types, R=random, H=high quality, L=low quality were sampled at each site. Total numbers of taxa and individuals of each major trophic group (herbivores, predators, omnivores), as well as total numbers of individuals of each of the common species of foliage arthropods, from each of the 30 shrubs/site are listed.</p>

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David Lightfoot

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