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The Demo Database offers a sample of what the full database has to offer and allows the user to work through a small subset of line-point intercept, gap and soil stability data. The password is 9999.

   DOWNLOAD NEW DIMA DATABASE VERSION 5.3B  Updated October 25, 2018

This version is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Access!

Update includes fix for calculating indicators in Sage Grouse S Forms and importing Ecological Sites from NRCS.

This version of DIMA dealt with the following changes:  added LPI Lower Herbaceous Heights to reports and calculations; updated Sage-Grouse reports to output note sections in S-Forms; updated the Common Name and Scientific Name of Succulent Unknown Codes (SU##); fixed numerous issues with the Species Richness method (see note below); created "All Detail Data" Report for Infiltration; re-instituted old style of Method Tracking Report; added new functionality to search by "Code" and "Synonym of" when adding a plant species; added additional reporting options for Gap Intercept Method; and fixed numerous bugs.  Check out this new release and continue to let us know of any problems you encounter, as well as enhancement requests.

Please note, if you collected Species Richness data in DIMA 5.3/5.3A, you may need to edit tblSpecRichDetail due to an error.  If species are present, change the "subPlotID" from 0 to 1.  This way, data will be imported into the new DIMA.  Any data with a "subPlotID" of 0 will be removed in order to fix unintentional errors.

A comments page can be accessed from DIMA or here so please let us know how we are doing.

Are you a BLM employee with a DIMA request, suggestion or problem?  Please fill out the Google Form here.

Please check out our DIMA Forum where we will be posting useful information.

Have a group that wants to learn DIMA? Contact Ericha Courtright at ericha@nmsu.edu to organize a training.

   DOWNLOAD NEW DIMA ENTERPRISE VERSION 1.0  Released January 30, 2014.

This version is intended to be used in conjunction with Microsoft SQL Server installed on either a computer or server. Data can then be imported from DIMA into the SQL database, or exported from the SQL database into DIMA. Please follow the instructions carefully when installing the free, necessary software. Currently, the Enterprise version only houses line-point intercept, gap intercept, species richness and rangeland health data. We will continue to add methods and functionality in the coming months.


Please visit our FAQ Page for useful tips and information.


An introductory webinar on using DIMA is posted as flash and as wmv.  In addition, an advanced webinar is posted as flash and as wmv.


Suggestions for future enhancements should be directed to Ericha Courtright.  If you make any structural changes, you will not be able to import your database into the next version.

Older databases must be updated prior to being imported into the latest version.  This means updating sequentially through each version.  Download old versions below.

Download Database Version 5.3
Download Database Version 5.2A
Download Database Version 5.2
Download Database Version 5.1
Download Database Version 5.0
Download Database Version 4.1B
Download Database Version 4.1A
Download Database Version 4.1
Download Database Version 4.0
Download Database Version 3.2
Download Database Version 3.1
Download Database Version 3.0A
Download Database Version 2.5B
Download Database Version 2.5A
Download Database Version 2.5
Download Database Version 2.4A
Download Database Version 2.4
Download Database Version 2.3A
Download Database Version 2.3
Download Database Version 2.2A
Download Database Version 2.2
Download Database Version 2.1
Download Database Version 2.0B
Download Database Version 1.6
Download Database Version 1.5

Please contact Ericha Courtright at ericha@nmsu.edu or 575-646-4147 if you experience problems with DIMA.