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Albert Rango

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Dr. Al Rango passed away on April 26, 2018. His impact on science and the Jornada will not be forgotten. You can learn more about Dr. Rango’s life and career here:,_Al.


Title & Affiliation(s):

  • Research Hydrologist , USDA-ARS, Jornada Experimental Range
  • Co-Principal Investigator, Jornada Basin LTER
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Geography, New Mexico State University

Primary Research Interests:

  • Global change effects on snowmelt water supply in the Western U.S.
  • Remote sensing detection of vegetation change
  • Detection and assessment of rangeland remediation treatments using historical aerial photography
  • UAV application in arid ecosystems
  • 2001 to present - Research Hydrologist, Supergrade ST(SL-1), USDA-ARS-SPA-Jornada Experimental Range, Las Cruces, NM
  • 2014 to present - Director, USDA Southwest Regional Hub for Risk Adaptation and Mitigation to Climate Change
  • 2008 to 2013 - Principal Investigator, NSF EPSCoR Project - Climate Change Impacts on New Mexico's Mountain Sources of Water
  • 1997 to 2003 - President, International Commission on Remote Sensing, International Association of Hydrological Sciences
  • 1994 to present - Principal Investigator, JORNEX Project, Jornada Experimental Range, Las Cruces, NM
  • 1994 to 2001 - Research Hydrologist, GS-15, USDA-ARS-HL, Beltsville, Maryland
  • 1993 to 1997 - Principal Investigator, CRADA, Regional Watershed Modeling Under Conditions of Change, Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, California
  • 1991 to 1996 - U.S. National Representative to the International Association of Hydrological Sciences
  • 1990 to 1992 - President and General Chairman, Western Snow Conference
  • 1989 to 1995 - Rapporteur on Remote Sensing for Hydrology, World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
  • 1986 - President, American Water Resources Association
  • 1983 to 1994 - Hydrologist and Research Leader, USDA/ARS/BA/NRI/HL, Beltsville, Maryland
  • 1972 to 1983 - Hydrologist and Branch Head, Hydrological Sciences Branch
  • 1969 to 1972 - Assistant Professor of Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University


1969     Ph.D.     Colorado State University; Watershed Management
1966 M.S. Pennsylvania State University; Meteorology
1965 B.S. Pennsylvania State University; Meteorology