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  • Dataset: Dryfall deposition chemistry data
  • Dataset: Wetfall deposition chemistry data

Project ID: 210169000

Atmospheric deposition as found in dryfall (dust) and wetfall precipitation has been collected and analyzed since 1983 using an Aerochem Metrics wetfall/dryfall collector located at the Jornada LTER weather station.

Wetfall occurring as precipitation is collected after each event with a sample size large enough to analyze. Dryfall is collected monthly. Each sample is analyzed for NO3, NH4, Cl, SO4, Ca, Mg,Na, K, Total N, & Total P. Inclusion of... more

  • Dataset: Biodiversity tipping bucket rain gauge data - Daily Summary
  • Dataset: Biodiversity tipping bucket rain gauge data - By Event

Project ID: 210121000

Our understanding of ecological function in desert systems suggests that the physiological and morphological differences among species act as strong influences on resource capture and ecosystem modification; hence alteration of the composition or the relative abundances of species should alter availability and cycling of energy, water, and other resources. We initiated a long-term experiment in which the diversity of plant "functional types" and of plant species... more

  • Dataset: Estimated daily precipitation at the 15 ANPP sites: 1980-2010

Project ID: 210425000

The principal purpose is to provide daily precipitation at specific sites to assist the study of vegetation response over time. Estimated daily precipitation is calculated for each of 15 aboveground net primary productivity (ANPP) sites located in the 5 dominant vegetation zones on the Jornada Basin. The 15 sites were formally established in 1989 as LTER Study 268, but these rainfall estimates begin in 1980 using the closest rain gauge that provides a minimum... more

  • Dataset: Evaporation pan data beginning 1983 - Jornada LTER Weather Station

Project ID: 210127000

Surface evaporation is measured weekly to twice weekly using an evaporation pan compatible with standard National Weather Service evaporation measurements. Measurements are made twice per week during hot periods because of high evaporation rate. The following data is collected: number of days between measurements, beginning and ending measurement period, current, minimum, and maximum water temperature; initial water level; final water level; rainfall since last... more

  • Dataset: Precipitation Measured at Four Locations in the Tromble Watershed from 6/2010 to 10/2011

Project ID: 210338000

The seasonal variability in rainfall duration, intensity, and volume due to the North American Monsoon Season (NAMS) has been well documented in southwestern American semiarid landscapes.  The characteristic high intensity convective NAMS storm systems during the months of June-September lead to a greatly altered land surface in terms of soil moisture and vegetation.  However, large-scale investigation of the effects of land-surface changes on... more

  • Dataset: Monthly precipitation data from a network of standard gauges at the Jornada Experimental Range in southern New Mexico, January 1916 - October 2018

Project ID: 210380000

The objective of this long-term project is to measure the precipitation across the entire Jornada Experimental Range. This is achieved by using a network of standard-can rain gages to continually collect the precipitation as it occurs. The collected precipitation is then measured monthly and the results are recorded on a data sheet which is later entered into a spreadsheet.

  • Dataset: LTER Weather Station daily summary climate data
  • Dataset: LTER Weather Station hourly summary climate data

Project ID: 210126000

Jornada LTER climatalogical station on the Jornada basin. Weather station location:

            deg   min  sec           UTM: 331192.4E 3599474N WGS84, Zone 13

LAT        32     31   17

LONG   106     47   50

Hourly and Daily Summary... more

  • Dataset: Monthly graduated rain gauge (GRG) precipitation at 15 NPP sites (LTER-II)

Project ID: 210002000

Collection is made of total monthly precipitation at the 15 Net Primary Production sites on the day that monthly soil water content measurements are made in order to correlate precipitation input with belowground water content both spatially and temporally.

  • Dataset: USDA-NOAA NWS Daily Climatological Data
  • Dataset: USDA-NOAA NWS Monthly Summary Climatological Data
  • Dataset: USDA-NOAA NWS Monthly Total Pan Evaporation Data

Project ID: 210379000

Climate data collected at USDA Jornada Experimental Range Headquarters which is a NOAA weather station. Daily data has been collected since 1914 for minimum and maximum air temperature as well as daily precipitation. Pan evaporation data was collection from January 1956 through August 1979.

  • Dataset: USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range Recording (Weighing) Rain Gauge Daily Data begins 1976

Project ID: 210407000

Daily precipitation totals, in inches, measured by weighing rain gauges at 58 locations
on the USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range began in 1976.  Locations and the dates during which data were collected at them
change over time.