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  • Dataset: Ecotone Rodent 1st Capture Metrics (abundance, biomass, energy, species richness)
  • Dataset: Ecotone Rodent Trapping 1st Capture

Project ID: 210262000


The purpose of the study is to investigate how pulses of precipitation translate into pulses of plant aboveground net primary productivity (NPP) and how the small mammal community responds to such changes also in relation to shrub gradient across the landscape. Particularly we are interested in how the energy flows through the ecosystem in response to pulses of rain, how the small mammal community partition resources (in terms of C3 (forbs and... more

  • Dataset: Jornada Experimental Range stocking rates for cattle, horses, and sheep beginning 1916

Project ID: 210412000

Stocking rates for cattle, horses, and sheep are provided for the Jornada Experimental Range beginning in 1916. Goats were few and are included as part of the sheep category and not differentiated.

  • Dataset: SMES Study: Quadrat Plant Cover Data
  • Dataset: Cryptogam Crust Data from Long-Term Small Mammal Exclosure Study on the Jornada Experimental Range, 1995-2005
  • Dataset: SMES Study: Rabbit Survey Data
  • Dataset: SMES Study: Quadrat Leaf Litter Data
  • Dataset: SMES Study: Quadrat Rabbit Feces Data
  • Dataset: SMES Study: Quadrat Soil Surface Disturbance Data
  • Dataset: Termite Casing Data from Small Mammal Exclosure Study on the Jornada Basin, 1995-2005
  • Dataset: SMES rodent trapping data
  • Dataset: SMES Vegetation Line Intercept Data

Project ID: 210086000

Introduction. Animal consumers have important roles in ecosystems (Chew 1974, 1976), determining plant species composition and structure (Harper 1969, Pacala and Crawley 1992, Crawley 1983, 1989), regulating rates of plant production and nutrient cycling (Naiman 1988, McNaughton et al. 1989, Holland et al. 1992), and altering soil structure and chemistry (Milchunas et al. 1993, Huntly 1991).

Desertification of semi-arid grasslands in the Southwest United... more