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Project: Crust evolution at Scrape Site

Project ID: 210122000
Funding Source: Jornada LTER III

The project was designed to test the hypothesis that the abrasion of a surface crust is proportional to the vertical flux of kinetic energy delivered by saltating sand grains. This flux energy is related to the mass flux of saltating grains. The site was selected since it had a flat crust that was not greatly effected by atmospheric precipitation or freeze/ thaw and moistening/drying cycles. The objective of the project was to measure the kinetic energy flux during saltation, the mass flux of saltation particles and to relate those fluxes to the abrasion of the crust. Abrasion of the crust is measured monthly, sand mass flux samples are collected approximately every two weeks, and sand motion and wind speeds at four heights are measured every 20 minutes during wind erosion episodes at three towers placed parallel to the prevailing direction of wind erosion.