Shrublands to Grasslands Transitions: grass recovery following shrub enchroachment

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The recent increase in native perennial grasses in some desertified shrublands suggests that climate variability may initiate state change reversals (Peters et al. 2012), and long-term data show that the key recovery processes differ by grass species (Peters et al. 2013). The infrequent nature of exogenous phenomena, such as El Niño, requires long-term manipulative experiments (Gherardi and Sala 2015).


Grass recovery following shrub encroachment - Debra Peters

Research Synopses:

Field Talks

Cross-scale interactions and recovery of grasses following shrub encroachment - Debra Peters, Jeffrey Herrick, Greg Okin, Mike Duniway, Enrique Vivoni, Osvaldo Sala, Kris Havstad, Curtis Monger, Jin Yao, John Anderson

Connectivity modifiers (ConMods): pilot study for the cross-scale experiment - Greg Okin, Debra Peters, Jeffrey Herrick


Climate change and potential reversal of regime shifts in desert ecosystems: importance of plant-soil feedbacks - Debra Peters, Jin Yao, Osvaldo Sala