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Jornada Basin LTER (Applications due March 1, 2019)


The Jornada Basin LTER provides support for half-time, 12 month (up to $24,000/y) and summer research fellowships (up to $6000/summer) for graduate students conducting research directly related to the goals of the Jornada LTER. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the Jornada LTER home page for more information ( Graduate Research Fellows may be eligible for up to 2 years (halftime) or 2 summers of support, for students in good standing with their university and with the Jornada LTER Program. The number of fellowships and amount each year depends on funds available.  Students can apply at any time, although evaluation of applications this year will begin February 22, 2019. Applications received after that date will be evaluated if funds are still available.


Priority for funding will be given to students with: (1) research objectives that align with new studies within the Jornada-LTER-7 research program, (2) evidence of potential products from the research (e.g. journal papers), (3) need for funding, (4) if applicable, results and products from previous LTER funding, and (5) academic advisors who are Jornada LTER scientists or affiliates.  Students who previously received a Jornada fellowship and did not complete the requirements below will not be eligible for funding. Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding. Applicants do not need to be NMSU students.  The fellowship award must be used to support the student’s research at the Jornada, and can include expenditures including student stipend, travel (to the site for research and for the short course), and supplies. No additional travel support will be provided to attend the short course.


Jornada Graduate Research Fellows are required to:

  1. before starting new fieldwork at the LTER, submit and have approved a Jornada Notification of Proposed Research form (see to John Anderson (
  2. participate in the Jornada Desert Ecology short course (2-day) each summer the student is funded and the course is offered. The course will be held at the Jornada USDA headquarters and on the campus of NMSU;
  3. conduct at least 2 hours (Summer students) or 10 hours (12-month students) of education-related activities under the supervision of staff from the Asombro Institute for Science Education;
  4. provide research data and metadata to the Jornada Information Manager in each year of their graduate program (see data policies at, and provide pdf copies of publications when available to the Jornada site manager. Support from the Jornada LTER should be acknowledged in these publications;
  5. present a seminar to the LTER group on the campus of NMSU prior to graduation;
  6. for second year applicants, submit to the Jornada LTER Fellowship Coordinator: (a) a short report (1-2 pages) stating how the prior award was used to support their research, and the major findings to-date from work at the Jornada, (b) documentation that all of the above requirements have been met.


Students not meeting these requirements will not be eligible for future Jornada support. Applications will be evaluated by ad hoc committee of Jornada LTER PIs.  For questions or to submit an application contact Dr. Niall Hanan,