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Dataset: Jornada Experimental Range Permanent Quadrat Chart data beginning 1915 - plant cover

   File description including attribute definitions: JornadaStudy_351_permanent_chart_quadrat_perennial_forb_density_data
   Original Investigator: William Ridgely Chapline
   Data contact: Darren James
   Duration: 1915 - ongoing
   Dataset ID: 210351001
   DOI: 10.6073/pasta/b5eb273946c5ca712f841c61ede7eef4
The data set, along with other long-term data collected at multiple spatial scales, is being used to identify the landscape, climatic, and anthropogenic factors that influence grass abundance, growth, and persistence. Variables measured are basal area of grasses, canopy area of shrubs, and perimeters of both.


Data is now collected every 5 yesrs