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Dataset: Jornada Experimental Range stocking rates for cattle, horses, and sheep beginning 1916

   File description including attribute definitions: data_JornadaStudy_412_cattle_horse_sheep_stocking_rates_since_1916
   Original Investigator: Kris Havstad
   Duration: 1916 - ongoing
   Dataset ID: 210412001
   DOI: 10.6073/pasta/d584e22da7b03245c9ab8a0e527a144b

Stocking rates for cattle, horses, and sheep are provided for the Jornada Experimental Range beginning in 1916. Goats were few and are included as part of the sheep category and not differentiated.

   Additional information:

All pastures of the USDA-ARS Jornada Experimental Range


field data sheets


Stocking rates are in animal unit months (AUM) using the following equivalents: 1 cow = 1; 1 yearling heifer = 0.8; weaning = 0.55; bull = 1.25; horse = 1.25; sheep/goat = 0.2



   Quality Assurance

Date Entry by QA/QC Description ---------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- 01/04/2012 John Anderson Visual verification by data submitter.