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Dataset: Estimated daily precipitation at the 15 ANPP sites: 1980-2010

   File description including attribute definitions: Jornada_425001_npp_estimated_precipitation_data
   Original Investigator: Jin Yao
   Duration: 1980 - 2010
   Dataset ID: 210425001
   DOI: 10.6073/pasta/9711ebd4ca2c7a38910e6bb22eeb7a46

Estimated daily precipitation is calculated for each of 15 aboveground net primary productivity (ANPP) sites located in the 5 dominant vegetation zones on the Jornada Basin. The 15 sites were formally established in 1989 as LTER Study 268, but these rainfall estimates begin in 1980 using the closest rain gauge that provides a minimum resolution of daily precipitation data. The Methodology section describes this in detail. The rain gauges are detailed inthe file raingauge_picks.csv.

   Additional information:

Site Location: Fifteen sites (3 in each of 5 ecosystem types) were selected for monitoring of NPP. Sites and locations summarized here: Based on UTM Zone 13, Datum WGS84

Site               lat (north)                      long (west)

C-CALI           32.5120203937             -106.796492499

C-GRAV        32.4901853553             -106.780358689

C-SAND        32.5157359132             -106.790188996

G-BASN        32.5301294354            -106.787592734 

G-IBP             32.5887009791            -106.844433308

G-SUMM       32.5131149345            -106.800724461

 M-NORT       32.6190596300            -106.787205907  

M-RABB        32.6116973909             -106.796925688

M-WELL        32.6060222210            -106.851360172 

P-COLL         32.5314785176            -106.790042563

P-SMAL         32.5397434403            -106.859689736 

P-TOBO         32.6677857455            -106.771403261

T-EAST          32.5157240371            -106.741169549

T-TAYL          32.5503248860            -106.711232974 

T-WEST         32.5125232630            -106.743806725




See Method_estimate_daily_precipitation.pdf


synthesis of event-based and monthly precipitation totals

   Quality Assurance

See Method_estimate_daily_precipitation.pdf