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Dataset: Upper Trailer Soil Temperature

   Download data: File utsoilt.dat
   File description including attribute definitions: data_JornadaStudy_378_upper_trailer_soil_temperature
   Original Investigator: Walter G Whitford
   Data contact: John Anderson
   Duration: 1980 - 1986
   Dataset ID: 210378001

Soil temperature data was acquired using a mechanical chart recorder of soil temperatures with thermistors at 5 cm and 20 cm soil depths at a site approximately 20 feet west of the Upper Trailer on the Jornada.

   Additional information:

Site is located in the creosote zone in an open area between shrubs 20 feet west of the LTER Upper Trailer and about 1/2 mile S-SE from the LTER Weather Station.




Charts were changed weekly and mechanical winder wound, the pen inked, and beginning and ending dates/times indicated on the appropriate chart.


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