Ant species (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of the Jornada

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Entries based largely on collection records in W. MacKay and E. MacKay. 2002. The Ants of New Mexico. Edwin Mellen Press, NY and collections of B. Bestelmeyer. All entries represent collections within the Jornada Basin (JRN).

Important statistics

Species number at JRN: 74

Species number in North America: 751

Number of new species recently described from JRN: 4


JRN is an exceptionally species rich site (at about 10% of the entire North American fauna). This is probably due to the intensity of work here but also due to the geographic position of the area and the diversity of ant habitats.

Creosotebush-dominated (Larrea tridentata) communities, especially on the Summerford bajada, are the most species rich habitats in JRN. This plant community type is also the source of several newly described species.

Hypoponera opacior (Forel)
Acanthostichus punctiscapus MacKay
Type locality, from Larrea tridentata community
Cerapachys davisi M. Smith
Locally rare, from Larrea tridentata community
Neivamyrmex fallax Borgmeier
Neivamyrmex harrisii (Haldeman)
Neivamyrmex macropterus Borgmeier
Neivamyrmex minor (Cresson)
Neivamyrmex nigrescens (Cresson)
Neivamyrmex swainsonii (Shuckard)
Neivamyrmex texanus Watkins
Aphaenogaster cockerelli Andre
Genus used to be Novomessor
Aphaenogaster punctaticeps MacKay
Type locality, from Larrea tridentata community
Crematogaster californica Wheeler
Crematogaster cerasi (Fitch)
Crematogaster depilis Wheeler
Crematogaster hespera Buren
Crematogaster larreae Buren
Crematogaster opuntiae Buren
Crematogaster punctulata Emery
Cyphomyrmex wheeleri Forel
Rare, from Larrea tridentata community
Monomorium cyaneum Wheeler
Monomorium minimum (Buckley)
Pheidole cerebrosior Wheeler
Pheidole desertorum Wheeler
Pheidole hyatti Emery
Pheidole militicida Wheeler
Pheidole obtusospinosa Pergande
Pheidole rugulosa Gregg
Pheidole sciophila Wheeler
Pheidole tepicana Pergande
Pheidole tetra Creighton
Pheidole tucsonica Wheeler
Pheidole xerophila Wheeler
Pogonomyrmex apache Wheeler
Pogonomyrmex barbatus (Smith)
Pogonomyrmex californicus (Buckley)
Pogonomyrmex desertorum Wheeler
Pogonomyrmex imberbiculus Wheeler
Pogonomyrmex maricopa Wheeler
Pogonomyrmex rugosus Emery
Pogonomyrmex texanus Francke&Merickel
Rogeria foreli Emery
Solenopsis amblychila Wheeler
There may be confusion between aurea and amblychila
Solenopsis aurea Wheeler
Solenopsis krockowi Wheeler
Solenopsis pergandei Forel
Solenopsis xyloni McCook
Solenopsis sp. nov.
Temnothorax bestelmeyeri Mackay
Genus used to be Leptothorax; Type locality, from Larrea tridentata community
Temnothorax colleenae Mackay
Type locality, from Larrea tridentata community
Temnothorax neomexicanus Wheeler
Temnothorax olbiquicanthus Cole
Temnothorax pergandei Emery
Locally rare, from Larrea tridentata community
Tetramorium hispidum (Wheeler)
Trachymyrmex smithi Buren
Tranopelta sp.
Dorymyrmex bicolor Wheeler
Genus used to be Conomyrma
Dorymyrmex flavus McCook
Dorymyrmex insanus (Buckley)
Forelius mccooki McCook
Genus used to be Iridomyrmex
Forelius pruinosus (Roger)
Liometopum apiculatum Mayr
Brachymyrmex depilis Emery
Camponotus festinatus (Buckley)
Camponotus ulcerosus Wheeler
Formica perpilosa Wheeler
Myrmecocystus depilis Forel
Myrmecocystus mexicanus Wesmael
Myrmecocystus mimicus Wheeler
Myrmecocystus navajo Wheeler
Myrmecocystus placodops Forel
Myrmecocystus romainei Snelling
Paratrechina terricola (Buckley)
Paratrechina vividula (Nylander)