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Deep Soil Core Micronutrients
Deep Soil Microarthropods
Soil Nematodes
Plant and Soil Nutrient Analysis From Mesquite Dune Site on the Jornada Experimental Range- 1988 and 1989
Estimated Number of Nodulating Rhizobia in Mesquite at Watered and Unwatered Dune Sites, 1988 and 1989
Mesquite Foliar Arthropods
Mesquite Phenology
Mesquite Tissue Nutrients - 1986
Mesquite Tissue Nutrients - 1987
Grasshopper Data from Grasshopper Study Plots on the Jornada Experimental Range, 1983-1985
Herbaceous Vegetation Data from Grasshopper Study Plots on the Jornada Experimental Range,1983-1985
Fluff grass soil total nitrogen
Surface Soil Microarthropods - 1988 and 1989
Grama/Mesquite Leaching Mineralization Potential Survey
Hydrology natural runoff plots - runoff
Chemistry of Surface Runoff during Rain Events at the Jornada Experimental Range,1988-1990
Plant Cover at Run-off plots on the Jornada Basin, 1989-1990
Fluffgrass rhizosphere N mineralization potential
Fluff grass mesocosm: mites and nematodes
Mesocosm microarthropod numbers
Fluff grass plant total nitrogen
Fluff grass plant growth
Fluffgrass anion exchange resins bags for NO3
Fluffgrass cation exchange resin bags for NH4
Fluff grass plant dynamics