Vascular Plant Species of the Jornada Basin, 1982-2018

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1982-01-01 to 2018-09-30

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John Anderson

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This dataset contains a list of vascular plant species found in the Jornada Basin, an area at the southern end of the Jornada del Muerto in Dona Ana County, New Mexico, USA, bordered by the Rio Gra

nde on the west and the San Andres Mountains on the east. The area encompases the Jornada Basin LTER, Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Center of New Mexico State University, and the plains and bajadas (but not foothills and mountains) of the USDA Jornada Experimental Range. Taxonomy follows Allred, Kelly A. 2012. Flora Neomexican I: Annotated Checklist, 2nd edition and is cross-referenced to the taxonomy maintained by the Jornada Basin LTER (see Methods and Additional Information) as well as species codes to the USDA PLANTS database ( More information is provided for species encountered in Jornada Basin LTER core datasets.

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JRN vascular plant species list

JRN vascular plant species list