Transect Rabbit Herbage Wastage

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<p>The study was undertaken to look at clipping, or browsing, of plants by rabbits in the creosotebush and upper mixed basin zone on the bajada below Mt. Summerford that extends down to College Playa.</p> <p>At beginning of study the following questions were asked:</p> <p>1. How much nitrogen is in wastage (plants and rabbit pellets)?</p> <p>2. Does nitrogen vary seasonally in plants and pellets?</p> <p>3. Compare N in rabbit clippings with senescent litter in traps.</p> <p>4. Do rabbits select plants with stems with low resins in comparison to adjacent plants? Do a one-time analysis to compare stems from rabbit clipped plants with adjacent unclipped plants. [This part of the study was not done.]</p> <p>Data collected: rabbit pellet weight and total N content, rabbit browse material by species and total N content.</p>

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Walter G Whitford

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