Soil water content in precipitation and nitrogen treatment plots at 2 depth profiles

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2007-07-24 to 2009-08-10

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Lara G Reichmann

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Volumetric soil water is used to measure the effectiveness of the water manipulation treatments.

Soil water content is monitored at 2 depths (5-10, 30-50 cm) using ECH2OTM moisture probes connected to an ECH2O check handheld.

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Data file information for the following Jornada data set: Soil water content in precipitation and nitrogren treatment plots at 2 depth profiles


field data sheets

 Soil moisture measurements are done the day after a PPT event greater than 2mm.
 Then again the 5th, and the 8th day after the rain, and 2 weeks after the last
 measurement was taken.
 - If no rain events in between, measure every 2 weeks.
 - Measurements are taken around the same time of the day.

 Soil moisture Echo probes are permanently installed at two depths (0-5cm and 30-50 cm) in plots
 representing all PPT (precipitation) treatments, from -80 percent interception to +80 percent rain supplementation.
 To record soil moisture, a handheld is plugged to the probe and the data is recorded in field data
 sheets. Probes where calibrated for the soils in Pasture 13 at the beginning of the experiment.
 %VWC(0-5)=((SEN*0.000616) - 0.1671)*100
 where %VWC(0-5)= % soil water content at shallow depth (0-5 cm)
 %VWC(30-50)= % soil water content at deep depth (30-30 cm)
 SEN = millivolt reading made with ECH2OTM moisture probes

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Visual verification of data.

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 Exclosures 1, 2, and 3 within Pasture 13 (Study Area West) of USDA-ARS Jornada
 Experimental Range. See attached file "Study278sheltertable.xls" for plot GPS
 coordinates. The coordinates are UTM Zone13 WGS84.


Based on rainfall event

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