Soil nutrient distribution in long-term NPP plots - 1991

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<p>Soil nutrient distribution in NPP quads in the Mesquite, Grassland, Playa, Creosotebush, and Tarbush plant communities sampled at 3 spatial scales of grids. Soils were sampled from the NPP (biomass plots). Each of the five vegetation types (mesquite, grassland, playa, creosote, tarbush) had three sites (with low, medium, and high production levels). At 14 of 15 sites a grid of 70 by 70 meters was set out. Within this 49 plots of 10 by 10 meters were placed and labeled (numbered) in serpentine design. At the 15th site, Playa College, 48 plots of 10 by 10 meters were laid out in three long rows of 16 plots per row. At all sites the soil sample of 0-10 cm depth was taken 1 meter from the NE marker bar at a diagonal (heading toward the SW marker). At one of each of the five vegetation types another set of 49 soils (#101-149) was taken from within one of the 10 by 10 meter plots. Using a 7 by 7 meter grid (bounded by the southern east-west boundary line and the western north-south boundary line[#149 is in the SW corner]) soils were sampled 1 meter apart using a serpentine design.</p>

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Ross Virginia

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