Soil movement across black grama-mesquite ecotones beginning in 1933

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In 1933 and 1935, two transects were established in the Natural Revegetation Exclosure and Pasture 8b, respectively, to measure long-term soil movement in areas undergoing mesquite invasion. These two transects, established in a Prosopis-Bouteloua ecotone, were to: "measure any future changes in the extent or succession of three contiguous zones of vegetation, Bouteloua eriopoda, Gutierrezia, and Prosopis glandulosa dunes. Thus, future chartings of this transect should show whether, under the range management practiced, the succession is progressing toward the black grama climax or whether it is retrogressing toward mesquite sandhills." (E.L. Little, 1935, unpublished report) Soil movement at these transects was measured by the distance between the soil surface and a notch in 50 cm t-posts located every 15.2 m (50 ft). The 1731-m Natural Revegetation Exclosure tranect runs north-south through the center of the exclosure and extends 61 m (200ft) beyond the boundary fence on either end. It is located in primarily deep, loamy sand soils. The 457-m Pasture 8b transect is oriented WSW-ENE, and is located in shallower soils. These transects were measured in 1950 (8b only), 1955 (8b only), every five years from 1980-2000, and most recently in 2011. Most steel posts were remeasured at these intervals, but some were lost due to excavation or burial. These were for the most part replaced, with a new baseline notch height initiated on the posts. Data fields correspond to each year of collection, as well as measures of soil deposition or deflation during the intervals. Spatial data include post locations and identifiers.

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The metal stakes are georeferenced, so they can be located using GPS. On the north side of each stake, measure the distance (cm) between the soil surface and the notch filed in the stake. Express as a negative (distance below notch) or positive (distance above notch). If the soil surface is above the notch, take great care in not disturbing the soil excessively.

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Pasture 8b Transect: Located in the eastern portion of Pasture 9; originates at 3605861N, 333180E (13N, WGS84) and extends 457 m WSW to 3605701N, 332751E. [lat 32.57764893, long -106.7772384; lat 32.57614148, long -106.7817783]


1933/35, 1950, 1955, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2011

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