Photosynthetic rates for leaves from 5 precipitation treatments

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2007-07-25 to 2008-09-20

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Heather Throop

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Data are photosynthetic rates (Amax) for leaves collected from plants subjected to five possible precipitation treatments: -80%, -50%, control (0), +50%, +80%.

The objective is to assess photosynthetic response of plants to precipitation manipulations.


instrumental (LiCor 6400)

Photosynthetic rate was measured for mesquite and black grama leaves periodically throughout the growing season. Measurements were made for one leaf for each species from each plot selected for measurements. Measurements were made on a LiCor 6400 with optimal conditions for photosynthesis (PAR = 1500-2000 umol m-2 sec-1, leaf temperature 25-32 C, RH 30-70%). Measurements were made in the morning.

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QA/QC: Date Entry by QA/QC Description ---------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- 09/04/2009 Heather Throop Data checked upon instrument download Preliminary treatment of data: Photosynthetic rates recalculated based on cuvette leaf area

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Block 2 of Sala's Global Change experiment (LTER Study 278) in Pasture 13


Approximately 3 times per growing season, contingent upon precipitation

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