Mesquite Tissue Nutrients - 1986

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Mesquite tissues (leaf, stem, flowers, pods) were collected in conjunction with phenology studies and natural abundance of N15 during 1986 and 1987. These were digested and analyzed for total nitrogen (Kjeldahl) and total phosphorous.

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Field and electronic data sheets.

Plant tissue was oven-dried at 60o C and ground to 20 mesh in a Wiley mill. One-tenth gram samples were weighed into 75ml Kjeldahl tubes and digested on a block digestor (40 tubes at a time). The digest was a micro- Kjeldahl sulfuric acid digest (Hg catalyst). An autoanalyzer was used to determine NH4 (TKN-Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen) and PO4-P (TP-Total Phosphorus).

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*Four habitat types were sampled: (1) playa, within a dense stand of large (3-5 m tall) mesquite growing along the edge of of a large playa; (2) arroyo, with widely spaced mesquite trees (3-5 m tall) along the margin of temporary water courses; (3) dunes, which are dominated by low-growing coppice mesquite, and (4) grassland, at the base of a watrshed with widely scattered mesquite, 2-3 m tall, many of the plants being multiple-stemmed. The dune site is located on the USDA Jornada Experimental Range, while the other three sites are located on the New Mexico State University College Ranch.


10 sampling periods

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