Mesquite Soil Mites

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[Soil mite numbers associated with soil cores collected under mesquite {Prosopis glandulosa) at the dune, playa and grassland sites.]

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Field and electronic data sheets.

Soil samples were collected (hand augered) under mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) trees at sand dune site on the Jornada LTER site to two depths, 0-40 and 40-80 on the side of a 80cm root tube, which were also collected. Soil samples were placed in plastic bags, tied, and stored in portable coolers. These samples were later divided into subsamples for microarthropod, nematode (contact Diana Freckman for nematode data), Rhizobium (data not organized yet), and soil nutrients. Microarthropods were extracted in modified Tullgren funnels into water (Santos et al. 1981), then counted and identified to species and placed into trophic groups (Christiansen 1964, Krantz 1978, Walter 1987).

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Soil cores were collected under mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) trees at the dune, playa and grassland sites on the Jornada LTER site located in the northern Chihuahuan Desert near Las Cruces, New Mexico. For each sample two cores were collected: one as a reference core and the other from a root tube. Precipitation is 230mm/yr, with half occuring during the summer. The vegetation is coppice mesquite dunes (30% cover) with scattered shrubs of saltbush and snakeweed.


Four Sampling Dates (May, July, September, December)

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