Mesocosm microarthropod numbers

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John Anderson


A mesocosm experiment was conducted on fluff grass plants to look at the effect of exclusion of mites (with chlordane), nematodes (with NEMACUR), mites and nematodes, on soil available, total and m

icrobial nitrogen. Numbers of microarthropods per 1000g of soil is recorded in this data file.

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Data file structure for the following Jornada data set: Mesocosm microarthropod numbers


field data sheets

One hundred and ten fluff grass plants were transplanted into pots, divided into 5 replicates of each of 4 treatments: 1) control, 2) NEMACUR (to exclude nematodes), 3)chlordane (to exclude mites) and 4) NEMACUR + Chlordane, with 5 sampling times (0,2,4,8,12 weeks), and transferred to a green house. Pots were watered weekly to maintain them at field capacity. Each sampling time, rhizosphere soil microarthropods were extracted, counted and identified.

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Not applicable. Fluff grass plants were collected from the Jornada grown in a greenhouse in the Biology Annex on New Mexico State University.


4 sampling times (monthly)

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