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OVERVIEW This is the Jornada Long Term Ecological Research site data base for the 2 x 2 meter natural rainfall-runoff plots. There are 4074 plot-events or observations in the data set. Of those 4074 observations, 2745 contained precipitation values greater than zero or contained precipitation values greater than runoff values. Very few observations showed runoff values greater than precipitation. All values are included here for completeness of the data set. These data were collected and analyzed in the laboratory under the supervision of John Anderson (primarily). Dr. Susan M. Bolton and Dr. Tim J. Ward compiled and checked the data. Tim J. Ward is responsible for the final input, checking and presentation of the data set presented below. Questions about the data should be directed to Tim J. Ward through the Jornada LTER.

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field data sheets

See "Hydrology Procedure", HYDROLOG.PRO

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Raw field data was massaged with SAS to produce this data set. Dr. Tim J. Ward is archiving the extensive SAS programs and output.

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The 9 hydrology runoff plots begun in 1983 during LTER-I are located in creosotebush zone. An additional 12 runoff plots have been added in 1989. These additions consist of 4 each at C-CALI, G-SUMM, and G-IBPE. G-SUMM and G-IBPE are blackgrama grassland sites. Refer to LTER site map for locations. C-TERM 8 plots in creosotebush zone about 100m west of Upper Trailer. C-CALI 4 plots in creosotebush zone, caliche site, about 20m upslope of C-CALI NPP site. G-SUMM 4 plots in grassland zone, above powerline road and east of LTER-I alternate control transect. G-IBPE 4 plots in grassland zone, about 30m west of southwest corner of IBP grassland exclosure located on USDA in Pasture 9 about 1.5 miles south of West Well. The CC, CT, CL, and GS plots (see variable description) are all relatively close to one another on the Jornada LTER exclosure. CC, CT and CL are on an alluvial fan (bajada) and GS is on the alluvial apron at the base of Mt. Summerford. The GI plots are located approximately 10 kilometers north of the other plots on a different soil type.


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