Hydrology natural runoff plots plant cover

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1982-09-09 to 1994-10-15

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Tim Ward

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On 10/27/89, 03/14/90, and 10/19/90, % plant cover by species was measured on 20 2x2m hydrology run off plots using quadrats with 10x10cm units.

Site identification follows: ZONE C - creosotebush; G - grassland SITE CALI-HYD Caliche site - Hydrology study TERM-HYD Termite +/- site - Hydrology study IBPE-HYD IBPE site - Hydrology study SUMM-HYD Summerford site - Hydrology study PLOT CALI-HYD, IBPE-HYD, & SUMM-HYD each have 4 run off plots numbered 1-4. TERM-HYD has 8 plots; 4 control (C1-C4) and 4 treatment (T2-T5). Treatment was with Chlordane to eliminate termites in soil.


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Each runoff plot is 2-meters x 2-meters. A quadrat subdivided into 10x10cm squares using string stretched across the frame was held over each species and the number of 10x10cm squares occupied by plant species was counted. Cover was estimated to the nearest 1/2 unit. Dense grass cover of Bouteloua eriopoda was measured while a thin cover of leaves and stems that may have been bent over an area was not. With the annual grasses that are inherently sparse, cover was estimated measuring across width of plant (i.e., BOAR,BOBA). The central portion of the bunch grasses were measured as cover and not the scraggly leaf/stem material.

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4 plots at each of the following sites: C-CALI, G-IBPE, and G-SUMM. 8 plots at C-TERM-HYD. Refer to LTER-II site map for locations.


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