Hydrology Natural Runoff Plots

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<p>Looking at infiltration and runoff rates as related to rain event duration and intensity as well as soil and organic movement as related below in creosotebush and grassland areas. Nine hydrology runoff plots were begun in 1983 during LTER-I and located in creosotebush zone. An additional 12 runoff plots have been added. These additions consist of 4 each at C-CALI, G-SUMM, and G-IBPE. G-SUMM and G-IBPE are blackgrama grassland sites. Refer to LTER site map for locations. Water runoff was collected from individual natural rain events off 2x2m plots. C-TERM consists of 8 plots. Plots C1-C4 are untreated. Plots T1-T5 were previously treated with chlordane to remove termites. Each of the 4 sets of run off plots at all sites can be divided into 2 low cover and 2 high cover plots (for creosotebush zone, these are with and without creosotebush shrubs). Data collected: relative cover, runoff, suspended sediment, precipitation, deposited sediment, percent carbon of deposited sample, water chemistry.</p>

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Tim Ward

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