Fluff grass mesocosm: mites and nematodes

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A mesocosm experiment was conducted on fluff grass (Erioneuron pulchellum) plants to look at the effect of exclusion of mites (with chlordane), nematodes (NEMACUR), mites and nematodes, on soil available, total and microbial nitrogen.

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field data sheets

One hundred and ten fluff grass plants were transplanted into pots, divided into 5 replicates of each of 4 treatments: 1) control, 2) NEMACUR (to exclude nematodes), 3)chlordane (to exclude mites) and 4) NEMACUR + Chlordane, with 5 sampling times (0,2,4,8,12 weeks), and transferred to a green house. Pots were watered weekly to maintain them at field capacity. Each sampling time, rhizosphere soil was analyzed for NO3(-)- N, NH4(+)-N, Inorganic-N, microbial-N, % H20, % Organic matter, roots biomass, nematodes density.

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Not applicable. Fluff grass plants were collected from the Jornada grown in a greenhouse in the Biology Annex on New Mexico State University.


6 sampling times (F,0,2,4,8,12 weeks)

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