Arthropod Pitfall Traps-II in 4x4 grid at LTER II NPP sites

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Data for arthropods captured in pitfall traps on LTER II consumer plots. Data includes order, family, genus, species, and number.

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field data sheets

A grid of 16 pitfall traps is located at each consumer plot. Each trap is 40 cm deep and contains an inner plastic container and funnel. A ceramic tile is placed over each trap. For a 2-week period each month, from 16 June 1989 to 23 August 1991, the tiles were raised on one side, and the traps are checked every 3 days in summer and once a week in winter. For the period post-August 1991, the traps are opened for 2 consecutive weeks on a quarterly basis (Feb, May, Aug, Oct). The arthropods in the inner containers are all combined to one container for each plot, brought to the lab, preserved, and sorted to taxa. Non-ground dwelling arthropods are released in the field. Large long-lived arthropods such as tarantulas are recorded and released in the field. See PITFALL.PRO file for detailed protocol.

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Data is entered from field data sheets using LOTUS 123 add-in called D.A.V.E. which is a data entry and verification program.

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Jornada LTER II consumer plots (located at T-WEST, T- EAST, M-RABB, M-WELL, G-IBPE, G-BASN, C-SAND, C-CALI, and C- GRAV sites)


16JUN89 - 23AUG91: 2-week period every month Post-August 1991: 2-week period quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, Oct)

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