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Data for rabbits, birds, and lizards recorded from the LTER II animal transects. Data consists of species names, numbers of individuals, and distances observed from transects. Data is collected from each transect once every two weeks. See history file for exceptions.

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Field data sheets or tape recorder. Taped data is transcribed to data sheets.

One observer walks each transect from segment 1 to 20. The observer records all birds, rabbits, and lizards seen. The distance of each animal from the transect line is also estimated and recorded. Transects are walked in the morning hours only, once every two weeks. The Emlen method (Emlen 1971) will be used to estimate densities of each animal species at each site.

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Field data is entered using LOTUS 1-2-3 add-in, D.A.V.E., which is a data entry and verification program.

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One 1 km transect is located in each vegetation zone near C-CALI, G-IBPE, M-NORT, P-COLL, and T-EAST.


Every two weeks (see history file for exceptions)

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