More Chihuahuan Desert Fall Flowers




Limoncillo (Pectis angustifolia) – Thick, grass-like leaves are covered with glands that provide the lemony aroma characteristic of this plant.  Summer rains can produce mats of yellow in deserts, grasslands, woodlands, and along roadsides.


Cooley’s bundleflower (Desmanthus cooleyi) is distinguished by the crater-like gland on the lower most portion of the leaf.  It is a legume in the family Fabaceae and the subfamily Mimosoideae.


Feather plume (Dalea formosa) can put out flowers in the spring and fall.  This is a lovely subshrub, with its small gland dotted leaves and purple banner and yellow keel petals.  Its fruit has a feathery plume, thus the name.


Tarbush (Flourensia cernua) is one of the indicator species for the Chihuahuan Desert - found no place else.  A late fall bloomer, its flowers are packed with bulky disc flowers and no ray flowers.


Thank you Kirsten Romig, Michelle Mattocks, and Connie Maxwell (Jornada Experimenal Range) for your botany knowledge and pictures.


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