Fall Flowering Plants in the Chihuahuan Desert


Trailing windmills (Allionia incarnate) is in the family Nyctaginaceae.  This family often has the showy fuchsias, pinks, and purples that can add a nice alternative to the typical whites and yellows dotting our landscape.  This year has been a particular good year for Nyctaginaceae.

Five-wing spiderling (Boerhavia intermedia) – Often a roadside weed, its raising erect stems bear pale pink flowers that are only one or two millimeters in diameter.  Fruits are 5-angled.

Fluff root (Acourtia wrightii) is a not-too-often-seen cousin of desert holly (Acourtia nana).  Larger and with a robust display of flowers, this could make a nice addition to any garden.


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