Variation in ecological resilience: a fundamental concept for rangeland ecology

TitleVariation in ecological resilience: a fundamental concept for rangeland ecology
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsBestelmeyer BT, Briske D.D., Brown J., Havstad K, Skaggs R.K
Conference NameSociety for Range Management
Date PublishedJanury 26-31, 20
Conference LocationLouisville, KY
ARIS Log Number223395
Keywordsecological, rangeland ecology, resilience
AbstractThe concepts and terminology associated with ecological resilience are fast becoming a common language for the study of global change. We review the application of the broad concept of resilience to rangeland ecology, connecting it to several well-established rangeland concepts including equilibrial/nonequilibrial rangeland systems, ecological sites, succession, and state-and-transition models. We argue that resilience concepts have the potential to provide a holistic framework for rangeland ecology that links advances across disciplines including pedology, plant ecology, landscape ecology, rural sociology, and economics, and we illustrate this linkage. In order to realize this potential, however, we will need to move beyond vague metaphors to produce real-world examples and then general strategies that practitioners and scientists find worthwhile to emulate.