Utilization of grass- and shrublands of the southwestern United States

TitleUtilization of grass- and shrublands of the southwestern United States
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1979
AuthorsHerbel C.H.
EditorWalker B.H.
Book TitleManagement of Semiarid Ecosystems
PublisherElsevier Scientific Publishing Co.
CityNew York, NY
KeywordsSouthwestern rangelands, utilization
AbstractThe rangelands of the Southwestern United States may seem limitless, but as a renewable source for livestock grazing, they are fragile, easily damaged by abuse and subject to droughts. The original vegetation on large parts of these lands has been depleted by a combination of these factors and a rapid increase of unwanted shrubs. Table 5.1 shows the area in rangeland and the livestock numbers in Table 5.1 are the totals for each state, the rangeland areas considered in this chapter are roughly the western half of Texas and Oklahoma, most of New Mexico and all but the southwestern quarter of Arizona.