The use of meal-salt mix for better distribution of cattle

TitleThe use of meal-salt mix for better distribution of cattle
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1953
AuthorsAres F.N.
JournalAmerican Cattle Producer
Date PublishedSeptember 1953
Keywordscottonseed meal-salt mixture, forage utilization, range management, uniform grazing
AbstractA basic principle of good range management is distributing livestock so that utilization of forage will be as uniform as possible on all parts of the range. Cattle naturally tend to congregate near watering plces and on level or other favored areas with the result that, unless provisions are made for distributions, parts of the range are too heavily grazed, parts are grazed to the proper degree, and parts receive little or no grazing use. Many methods are used to encourage more uniform cattle grazing. Fencing into small range units and developing watering facilities are effective but limited by economic considerations. Placing salt in little used areas, periodic closing of watering places, and herding and riding are helpful practices. Yet, because of the natural grazing habits of cattle and the rough character of most rangelands, the pattern of grazing use is seldom fully satisfactory. A possible new tool for controlling cattle distribution is provided by a cottonseed meal-salt mixture which is becoming a widely used supplemental range feed, especially in the Southwest.