Supplement to the Desert Project Guidebook 1988

TitleSupplement to the Desert Project Guidebook 1988
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsGile L.H, Hawley J., Grossman R., H. Monger C
Call Number00084
Keywordsbook, books, chapter, chapters, Desert Project, geomorphology, report, reports, soil, classification, soil, geomorphic relationships, soil, landscape

The 3 1/2-day study tour presented in the Desert Project Guidebook gives information for 22 of the Desert Project study sites, which are designated Study Areas in the Guidebook. Supplements, to be prepared as needed and to be used with the Guidebook, were envisioned as a way of presenting additional information. This supplement, the first, is being prepared partly for a 2-day field trip for the International Working Meeting on Soil Micromorphology in San Antonio, Texas, and partly to serve the needs of future field study sessions. This is a rough first draft, and a number of sections have yet to be added. Several new Study Areas have been added in this draft, and additional ones are planned for the published supplement. Objectives of the Study Areas are to illustrate soil-geomorphic relationships, to present features significant to soil genesis and classification, to show how and why these features change from one soil to another, and, where possible, to show on the landscape where such changes are likely to take place.