The structure and distribution of <i>Larrea</i> communities

TitleThe structure and distribution of Larrea communities
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication1977
AuthorsBarbour M.G, MacMahon J.A, Bamberg S.A, Ludwig J.
Series EditorDesert C-Biology
Series TitleUS/IBP Synthesis Series
Date Published1977
InstitutionDowden Hutchinson & Ross Publications
Call Number00014
Keywordsbook, books, chapter, chapters, community,Larrea, Larrea, community, Mojave Desert,Larrea community, report, reports, shrub, Ambrosia, shrub, Larrea
AbstractSpecies of Larrea so thoroughly dominated the warm deserts of North and South America that if we were truly to discuss Larrea communities in this chapter, we would find doing so a lengthy and difficult task. Such a task would also be beyond the basic objectives of this volume. Our purpose in this chapter is to review recent IBP research. Vegetation on IBP study sites is emphasized. The IBP data are supplemented with data from other, earlier studies only in a limited number of instances.