A strategy for rangeland management based on best available knowledge and information

TitleA strategy for rangeland management based on best available knowledge and information
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKarl JW, Herrick JE, Browning D.M.
JournalRangeland Ecology and Management
Start Page638
Date Published11/2012
ARIS Log Number270833
Keywordsecological site, hierarchy theory, information system, integrated knowledge system, scale

Changes to rangeland systems are happening at spatial and temporal scales beyond the capability of our current knowledge and information systems. In this paper we look at how Web 2.0 tools such as wikis and crowd-sourcing and new technologies including mobile devices and massive online databases are currently being used in rangeland management and consider the potential of these tools for furthering understanding of rangeland ecosystems and improving management decision making in the future. Some potential problems and barriers associated with implementing Web 2.0 tools to support a new rangeland knowledge and information management paradigm are discussed.  We conclude with a proposed roadmap for moving the discipline of rangeland ecology and management forward toward a more robust and effective use of information. This roadmap focuses on interoperability of data and systems, improving data consistency and documentation, geographic referencing of information, the use of structured and unstructured information, and targeted learning and teaching. Our proposal is an incremental step on top of our current ways of collecting, using, and disseminating information that moves us toward the kinds of knowledge systems we need to address the management problems of today and tomorrow.