Some developments related to seeding western rangelands

TitleSome developments related to seeding western rangelands
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1973
AuthorsHerbel C.H.
Conference NameProceedings of the Crop Science Society of America Conference: Range Research and Range Problems
VolumePublication No. 3
Date Published1973
Conference LocationMadison, WI
Keywordsmethods, seeding, western rangelands
AbstractSeeding Western rangelands is generally a difficult undertaking because of limiting climatic, soil and/or topographic features. The good sites with a favorable climate are in cultivated croplands. Therefore, we are trying to seed and grow range plants where even the hardiest of crop plants are not economically productive and are difficult or impossible to establish. Original plant productivity has been reduced on millions of acres of Western rangeland by past grazing abuses, brush invasion, droughts, and past attempts to cultivate nonarable land. In many areas, the degradation is so complete that seeding is required to restore at least a portion of the former productivity. It would be impossible for me to describe all the methods used in seeding Western rangelands. Rather, I will present selected results of recent studies. My colleagues in several states have provided part of this information.