Some aspects of ecological climatology of the Jornada Experimental Range New Mexico

TitleSome aspects of ecological climatology of the Jornada Experimental Range New Mexico
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication1970
AuthorsBryson RA, Hayden B, Mitchell V, Webb, III T
EditorWright R.G, Van Dyne G.M(eds.)
Conference NameSimulation and Analysis of Dynamics of a Semi-Desert Grassland: An Interdisciplinary Workshop Program Toward Evaluating the Potential Ecological Impact of Weather Modification
Series TitleRange Science Department Science Series No. 6
Date PublishedJune 19691970
PublisherColorado State University
Conference LocationUniversity of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Call Number00419
Keywordsabstract, abstracts, climate, heat and moisture budgets, climate, patterns, climate, phytogeographic, climate, precipitation, climate, temperature, conference, conference proceedings, conferences, model, vegetational analysis of climate, proceeding, proceedings
Abstract The following report is the joint effort of a small group working in the spring of 1969 in preparation for the workshop. Rainfall data did not arrive until late May, so the group concentrated on those features of the ecological climatolgy of the Jornada which it could consider with limited data. The report thus consists of three main parts: an analysis of the standard climatic factors that appear to limit the plants of the Jornada, an analysis of heat and moisture budgets appropriate to the cover types of the Jornada, and a preliminary estimate of the spatial and seasonal patterns of precipitation in equation form for use in a computer model. In addition to the workshop participants Hayden, Webb, Mitchell, and Bryson, the group was regularly joined by Dr. Katharina Lettau and Dr. F. Kenneth Hare whose contributions were very important.
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